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 The baby nest is produced in organic satin-woven cotton, which is ultra-soft and beautiful to look at, and with a filling of 100% kapok, which helps to create a healthy and allergy-free sleeping environment for your baby.

The kapok filling is moisture-transporting and thus neither dust mites, bacteria, or fungal spores can live and multiply in the kapok. In addition, it is free of chemicals, bleaches, or other harmful substances that in the long run can contribute to the development of allergies. The baby nest's unique properties make it perfect for both the warm and cold child through the night, as it is both insulating, temperature-regulating, and breathable.

Kapok comes from trees that grow in the rainforests of Asia and South America. It is harvested year after year without felling the trees, which is why you with this product support sustainable production and preserve the rainforests.

Our baby nest is designed with a zipper function, which allows you to zip the edge off and use it as a bed bumper when the baby grows out of the baby nest, but still needs to feel enclosed. Can even be opened and closed at the end with a leather belt, which extends the life of the baby nest and is designed without any strings to secure the child in the best way.

Important: Always remember to lay the baby with the head away from the closure part and always make sure that the baby nest is placed on a flat surface. Never leave the child unattended while using the baby nest.


Dimensions : 85 x 50 x 14 cm