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Muslin burp cloths are indispensable when there are small children in the house and you will definitely need them when breast- or bottle-feeding your baby, when you change your baby’s nappy and when you burp your baby. You can also use a muslin cloth as an improvised bib or as a super soft wash cloth. And some babies just love to cuddle with a muslin cloth! Burp cloths are truly multifunctional.
Our muslin cloths are made from 100% organic GOTS-certified cotton and can be washed at 40 degrees. Please note that the fabric will shrink slightly after washing. For safety reasons, we recommend that you tie a tight knot in the muslin cloth, when using it as a toy or to cuddle.

Height (cm) 65
Width (cm) 65
Length (cm) 2
Net. weight (grams) 0