MARLENKA pink sand - SET


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3-4 Years
7-8 Years

Beautiful Set for that stylish princess ! 

A sensational model of a short blouse in the Spanish style. 

Together with a skirt and a hat, MARLENKA creates a charming, girly set.

Made of 100% organic cotton of the highest quality, it is delicate, very pleasant to the touch and, above all, natural

Organic cotton  allows the skin to breathe, absorbs moisture well and has thermoregulatory properties.

This material does not wear out as quickly as ordinary cotton. This is due, among other things, to the thickness of the fiber and other processing processes. As a result, fabrics made of organic cotton are more durable, do not lose elasticity, and the process of natural stretching of the fabric is much slower.

Bio cotton is completely airy and breathes naturally, thanks to which it protects our body from overheating and cooling down. It is completely safe for any skin and does not cause irritation, thanks to the strictly controlled production process.

Bio cotton is a material that does not cause irritation and is completely safe even for sensitive, allergic and atopic skin of a child.

Made of high-quality ecological fabric, guaranteeing wearing comfort and safety.