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Fabelab’s new and practical Pencil Case - Flower is a great choice for young school kids as it keeps pencils and colorful crayons tidy and organized, with a practical fold-out function.

The Pencil case's outer and inner shell fabric is made from recycled post-comsumer polyester in a bold and playful Flower print. We have added a cool diamond-shaped badge to write your name on so there are no mix-ups in school.

Recycled Post-Consumer Polyester has used plastic bottles that are cleaned, shredded, and spanned into a thread to reuse for production. To make the Pencil case there have been used 12 pieces of Coca Cola bottles.

The founder of Fabelab, Michaela Weisskircher-Barfod, has embraced the Scandinavian design principles and taken inspiration from her two young girls, who always look for purposeful and imaginative things. Since the brand was founded in Copenhagen, Michaela has made an effort to always keep a sustainable approach to every product made.

Fabelab's products are designed in Denmark, Copenhagen, where we create sustainable products for cozy and creative homes. Reusability and upcycling are core tenets of our brand. For Fabelab, sustainable design is about using the right materials and ensuring a long lifespan of the products. As every day goes by, we always think about what changes we can make, in the direction of becoming even more sustainable.

Size: 22x11x6cm

Outer fabric: 100.0% Recycled Post-Consumer Polyester
Inner fabric: 100.0% Recycled Post-Consumer Polyester
webbing/rope/zip: 100% polyester
Plastic buckle: 100% POM
Wash Code N1