Puzzle 4 Seasons - Set of 4 puzzles - 16 pcs./each


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New Puzzle - 4 Seasons provides children with skills and cognitive learning benefits while introducing your child to the four Seasons in the Land of Fabelab.

The Puzzle Set contains 4 sets of puzzles with 16 pieces each and is for children aged +4.

The Puzzle goes perfectly together with our new book "The 4 seasons in the land of Fabelab" where you can follow Bob the Bear on new adventures and think up adventurous stories.

The founder of Fabelab, Michaela Weisskirchner-Barfod, has embraced the Scandinavian design principles and taken inspiration from her two young girls, who always look for purposeful and imaginative playthings. Fabelab's products are designed in Denmark, and Copenhagen, where we create sustainable products for cozy and creative homes.

Fabelab's products are deeply grounded in storytelling that encourages curiosity and imagination. Child safety is at the core of our products and we make sure that all Fabelab’s toys are CE-tested. Ever since the brand was founded in 2013, Michaela has made an effort to always keep a sustainable approach to every product made.

The core tenets of the brand, Fabelab, are upcycling and reusability. When you order from our webshop, our shipping pockets are made from recycled film and carbon neutral. We do not believe in throwing the packaging away and we have a future vision that all of our packaging will contain a creative way so that they can be reused by the kids.

*This product has been CE-labelled according to the European Union Legislation.

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