Inside Chloe's Closet

Six years ago I became a first time mum myself, I cannot explain the sense of protection I feel I need to give to my precious Chloe every day, in everything she comes first. I worry about how harmful harsh chemicals can be on her delicate skin and how processed food can make her sick. In a nutshell I strive to provide the best possible everything for her.

Being a fashion conscious myself I was finding it hard to find the particular style that I dreamt my baby would wear; stylish, simple and comfortable. Above all clothing that gave me the peace of mind that are safe for my baby, due to this I always try to look for organic clothing.

After nearly three years of research here I am presenting Chloe’s Closet Malta to you, clothing for kids that tick all the boxes for all of us mothers who want to choose the absolute best for their kids.

  • Organic
  • Stylish
  • Simple
  • Comfortable 
  • Affordable

I hope that you enjoy our collection as much as I do and am so looking forward to seeing your kids styled in Chloe’s Closet Malta. 



With love
Melanie & Chloe’